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Social Work & Society (SW&S) is an Online-Only Journal on Social Work and Social Policy, which was founded in 2003. SW&S is based on an international, non-governmental network of Social Work and Social Policy Researchers and Teachers. SW&S opens up an independent platform for critical analyses, political discourses and informations on current developments in Social Work and Social Policy. SW&S is also of the International Open Access Initiative and therefore all papers and informations are free available for all SW&S-users.

To widen the possibilities for the users, SW&S starts in 2006 a SW&S-Glossary on Social Work and Social Policy (Issue 6).

Key Words, which are theoretically, practically and politically highly relevant in the current international debates on Social Work & Social Policy are introduced, classified and explained in there main contexts. In addition to that, the future perspectives of the connected debates and developments are drafted.

The SW&S Glossary will therefore allow researchers, teachers, students and activists in Social Work and Social Policy to get a systematic and accessible outline on main current debates.

Each Keyword will be presented in the same structure:

  1. Definition

  2. Main issues

  3. Critical Placement

  4. Perspectives

Each Keyword comprises not more than 1000 words. This and the fact that there will only little citation and not more than five sources of literature shall allow a very accessible usabilty.

Colleagues from all over the world are heartily invited to submit proposals for new Keywords to the SW&S-Glossary:

List of Glossary-Contents:

Volume 4, Issue 1:

Social capital
Sandra Landhäußer and Holger Ziegler