Pedagogy Back on Track; Enhancing Capabilities for Young People in Education and Work

Niels Rosendal Jensen, Christian Christrup Kjeldsen


The Danish case study presents findings and considerations derived from an empirical approach based on interviews with young persons, teachers and leaders of four participating institutions. The study discusses the official definition of the “target group” and points to structural and social circumstances. It further returns to an old idea of a “youth moratorium” as an alternate to the “work first”-agenda – not least in the shape of “realistic counseling”. The study shows how adaptations to market and to the “work first”-agenda seems to be counterproductive or even a negative conversion factor for the capability for work. The study points to “critical transitions”, not only understood as “misleading trajectories”, but as “coincidental trajectories”, too. The study concludes in summing up the general problems. In addition the study invites to a discussion concerning pedagogy.

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