Vol 18, No 1 (2020)

Renegotiating Social Citizenship – Democracy in Welfare Service States


Table of Contents

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Special Issue: "Renegotiating Social Citizenship – Democracy in Welfare Service States"

Introduction: “Renegotiating Social Citizenship – Democracy in Welfare Service States” HTML PDF
Hans-Uwe Otto
Renegotiating Social Citizenship – Democracy in Welfare Service States HTML PDF
Arne Wohlfarth
Sharing and Control: The Janus-Faced Governance of Social Services at Times of Social Innovation and Social Investment HTML PDF
Lavinia Bifulco
Social Investment Policy – A New Political Economy of Social Service Production HTML PDF
Monika Burmester, Norbert Wohlfahrt
A Political Economy of Performance Measurements HTML PDF
Florence Jany-Catrice
What Makes an Ideal Unemployed Person? Values and Norms Encapsulated in a Computerized Profiling Tool HTML PDF
Karolina Sztandar-Sztanderska, Marianna Zielenska
Negotiating Active Citizenship in Street-Level Practices: An Institutional Logics Perspective HTML PDF
Stephan Dahmen
On the frontline of the welfare service state: any possibilities for a practice of citizenship? HTML PDF
Urban Nothdurfter
On the contradictions of activation policies for professional social work – ‘welcome visits for new-borns’ in the framework of early childhood intervention HTML PDF
Hannah Kristin Dehm
Punitiveness and Devaluation among Social Work Gatekeepers HTML PDF
Johanna Pangritz, Wilhelm Berghan
Creativity: Re-thinking Professional Discretion HTML PDF
Tony Evans
Problems of the Welfare State as an Employer: Assuring the Availability and Commitment of Street-Level Bureaucrats. A Literature Review HTML PDF
René Lehwess-Litzmann

For Better and for Worse? On the Transformation of the Finnish Social Assistance Scheme HTML PDF
Helena Blomberg, Christian Kroll
What constitutes our right to belong? HTML PDF
Walter Lorenz
“The origins of our time” Articulations between neoliberal social-policy reforms and the shift to the far-right through the light of Polanyi’s theory of fascism HTML PDF
Roland Atzmüller, Fabienne Décieux
Equaliberty under pressure. Challenges for educational science and (social) paedagogy HTML PDF
Fabian Kessl
Transformations of the Struggle for Social and Political Rights: Democratic Politics of Contestation in a Post-Republican Era HTML PDF
Oliver Flügel-Martinsen
Social Services, Democracy and the Capability Approach: Concluding Reflections HTML PDF
Jean-Michel Bonvin, Holger Ziegler

SW&S Forum

Starting the Indigenisation Process of Social Work Practice in Malaysia HTML PDF
Adam Andani Mohammed, Md Sayed Uddin, Bassoumah Bougangue
Vulnerability and autonomy. Theoretical considerations based on children’s narrations about sport in adult-dominated contexts HTML PDF
Catrin Heite, Veronika Magyar-Haas, Lea Moser, Marion Pomey, Morad Salah, Franziska Schlattmeier
The Accumulation of Standards for Treatment Decisions in Social Work (1847-2018) HTML PDF
Filip Wollter
A photovoice study on the perceptions among unemployed youth of information technology in Mamelodi, South Africa HTML PDF
Magogodi Nkuna, Martina Jordaan, Peter Zängl