Vol 9, No 1 (2011)

Practice Research

Table of Contents

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Special Issue: "Practice Research"

Editorial “Special Issue: Practice Research” PDF HTML
Tony Evans 1-3
The Salisbury Statement PDF HTML
The Salisbury Forum Group 4-9
Why Do We Think Practice Research is a Good Idea? PDF HTML
Stanley L. Witkin 10-19
Practice Literate Research: Turning the Tables PDF HTML
Mike Fisher 20-28
Partnership in Practice Research: a Norwegian Experience PDF HTML
Jan Fook, A. Johannessen, M. Psoinos 29-44
What is Practice Research in Social Work - Definitions, Barriers and Possibilities PDF HTML
Lars Uggerhøj 45-59
Knowledge-Production Processes in Practice Research – Outcomes and Critical Elements PDF HTML
Ilse Julkunen 60-75
Collaborating or Colluding: A practice research project with ex-offenders and their families in Singapore PDF HTML
Timothy Sim 76-88


Social Service Professions Towards Cross-European Standardisation of Qualifications PDF HTML
Aila-Leena Matthies 89-107
The Role of Social Work in National Development PDF HTML
Apollo Rwomire 108-118
Childrens Participation and Citizenship in a Global Age. Empowerment, Tokenism or Discriminatory Disciplining? PDF HTML
Hanne Warming 119-134


Child Poverty. A Critical Perspective. PDF HTML
Francine Mestrum 161-168

Research Notes - PhD Forum

Ruling Relations of the Church’s Social Work in the Lutheran Church in Finland. PDF HTML
Ulla Jokela 135-138
The Prerequisites of Success in Child Welfare Open Care PDF HTML
Janissa Miettinen 139-142
Greek Pre-Primary Education From the Perspective of Capability Approach: Beliefs and Practices of Pre-Primary Teachers PDF HTML
Antoanneta Potsi 143-146
Vocational Opportunities of Unemployed Young Adults PDF HTML
Daniel Rebbe 147-150
Enhancing the Capabilities of Young Russians PDF HTML
Ksenia Kuzmina 151-154
Professional Project in a Neoliberal Environment and Evolution of the Meanings of Social Work: a Case Study in Italian Probation Field PDF HTML
Ruggero Capra 155-160

Historical Portraits

Pitsa (Kalliopi) Poumboura (1916-2006) PDF HTML
Aspasia Caloutsis 169-171