Vol 4, No 2 (2006)


Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Series: "European Social Services in Transition"

European Social Services in Transition – an Introduction PDF HTML
Walter Lorenz
A New Regime of Governing Childhood? Finland as an Example PDF HTML
Timo Harrikari, Mirja Satka 209-216


What Price Social and Health Care? Commodities, Competition and Consumers PDF HTML
Sue Penna, Martin O'Brien 217-231
Evidence Focused Social Care: on Target or Off-Side? PDF HTML
Ian Dore 232-255
Three Decades of Social Work in France: from Security within the Welfare State to a State of «Disembedded Modernity» PDF HTML
John Ward 256-268
Capabilities and Education PDF HTML
Hans-Uwe Otto, Holger Ziegler 269-287
Constellations of Disadvantage and Policy Dilemmas in Youth Transitions from School to Work in Bulgaria PDF HTML
Siyka Kovacheva 308-322
Slovenia: Rights and Discrimination PDF HTML
Elena Pečarič 323-329
Czech Republic: Is Social Work a Science or Is It Just a Profession? PDF HTML
Oldřich Chytil 330-340

Research Notes

To Work with Households that Are Facing Eviction – an Advice Bureau of Housing Rent and Its Outcome PDF HTML
Johan Holmdahl 288-291
Researching the Impact of Partial Labour Migration on a Child: Failure of Attachment Theory PDF HTML
Gedas Malinauskas 292-300


Open Method of Coordination in the European Union: A Trojan Horse – But who is the rider? PDF HTML
Peter Herrmann 351-356


Dictionaries as Representations of the State of the Social Professions - Some Preliminary Observations from an Italian Perspective PDF HTML
Annamaria Campanini 301-307

Historical Portraits

Robin Huws Jones C.B. E., UK, President of IASSW, 1976-1980 PDF HTML
Katherine Kendall 341-350

Book Reviews

Fukuyama at the Crossroads? - A Review Essay PDF HTML
Michael Peters 357-369
Narrative Confetti - Subjects, Truth and Ethics PDF HTML
Stephen Webb 370-378


Stephen Webb 379-382