Vol 3, No 2 (2005)


Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Series: "European Social Services in Transition"

Decentralisation and Social Services in England PDF HTML
Walter Lorenz 201-214

Series: "New Professionalism in Social Work"

Workfare Work: The Impact of Workfare on the Worker/Client Relationship PDF HTML
Joel Handler 174-181
The Deprofessionalisation Thesis, Accountability and Professional Character PDF HTML
Chris Clark 182-190
Social Work as Laboratory for Normative Professionalisation PDF HTML
Harry Kunnemann 191-200


The Active Subjects of Welfare Reform: a Street-Level Comparison of Employment Services in Australia and Denmark PDF HTML
Greg Marston 141-157
Integrating a traditional minority into a Nordic society: Elite discourse on the Finnish Roma PDF HTML
Camilla Nordberg 158-173
Mothering Children or Soldiers: Advancing Paradigms of the Women's Movement in Former Yugoslavia PDF HTML
Marian Swindell 236-243
Why Freeter and NEET are Misunderstood: Recognizing the New Precarious Conditions of Japanese Youth PDF HTML
Akio Inui 244-251
Social Work Skills in Working with Survivors of Earthquake: A Social Work Intervention - Iran PDF HTML
Mohammad Reza Iravani 265-272
Community Research as a Factor Building Inclusive Community in Lithuania PDF HTML
Viktorija Baršauskiene 252-264

Research Notes

Differences in Internet Usage - Social Inequality and Informal Education PDF HTML
Stefan Iske 215-223


Social work and the Bologna Process PDF HTML
Walter Lorenz 224-235

Historical Portraits

Herman D. Stein PDF HTML
Katherine Kendall 273-281