Vol 3, No 1 (2005)


Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Series: "European Social Services in Transition"

Resisting Postmodernity: Swedish social policy in the 1990s PDF HTML
Arthur Gould 72-84


Social Work and the Quality of Life Politics - A Critical Assessment PDF HTML
Sandra Landhäußer, Holger Ziegler 30-58
Concepts for Contemporary Social Work: Globalization, Oppression, Social Exclusion, Human Rights, Etc. PDF HTML
Katherine van Wormer 1-10
Social Work, Social Politics and Justice PDF HTML
Heinz Sünker 11-29
What is the Relation between Human Practical Action and an Accompanying Discourse? Discussing the Status of Practical Theory PDF HTML
Ulf Brinkkjær, Morten Nørholm 59-71
Risks and Responsibilities? The Individualisation of Youth Transitions and the Ambivalence between Participation and Activation in Europe PDF HTML
Andreas Walther 116-127
Just a Tea Stall Girl: Lessons from India PDF HTML
Jane Birkbeck 102-115
The Development of Social Work as a Speciality and the Profession in Estonia PDF HTML
Riina Kiik, Reeli Sirotkina 128-133

Research Notes

Globalisation, E-learning and the Monetary Pressure on the Educational Field PDF HTML
Salvatore Pasquale Angilletta 85-92


Social Work and a New Social Order - Challenging Neo-liberalism's Erosion of Solidarity PDF HTML
Walter Lorenz 93-101

Historical Portraits

Dr. Ralph Garber, Canada, President of IASSW 1988 - 1996 PDF HTML
Richard Splane 135-140

Book Reviews

Skehill, Caroline: History of the Present of Child Protection and Welfare Social Work in Ireland PDF HTML
Anu Muuri 134