Vol 1, No 1 (2003)


Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران


Social Work, Mobility and Membership PDF HTML
Bill Jordan 1-13
Social Workers Involvement in Taiwan’s 1999 Earthquake Disaster Aid: Implications for Social Work Education PDF HTML
Yueh-Ching Chou 14-36
Policy Contexts of Social Work in Britain: the Wider Implications of ‘New’ Labour Policy and the ‘New Legal Regime’ PDF HTML
Sue Penna 37-51
Problem Solving Policing: Views of Citizens and Citizens Expectations in Germany PDF HTML
Elmar Weitekamp 52-77
Common Social Work Education Standards in the Nordic Countries - Opening an Issue PDF HTML
Sigrun Juliusdottir 78-93

Research Notes

Organisational and Methodical Aspects of Drug and Addiction Prevention among Young People - Developments in the Ukraine, in Germany, Spain and Russia: a Project Description PDF HTML
Stephan Sting 94-95
Blighted Spaces and the Politics of Everyday Life PDF HTML
Robert Fairbanks 96-104
Generating Dutiful Members in Communities of ‘Rational Choice’ PDF HTML
Holger Ziegler 105-112
Making Research Works Visible and Stimulating a Research Milieu in the Field of Social Work – The European Resource Centre for Social Work Research (CERTS) PDF HTML
Geneviève Crespo 113-114


‘Businessology’ and Social Work PDF HTML
John Harris 115-118

Social Reports

The Civil War in Southern Sudan and Its Effect on Youth and Children PDF HTML
Melha Rout Biel 119-127

Country Notes

A Generalist Approach in Social Work Education in Turkey PDF HTML
Işıl Bulut 128-137
Social Work in Republic of Buryatia PDF HTML
Tatyana Bazarova 138-140
Gender – an Issue for Social Organizations in Germany? PDF HTML
Chris Lange 141-149

Historical Portraits

Dame Eileen Younghusband (Jan. 1902 – May 1981), United Kingdom PDF HTML
Karen Lyons 159-170

Book Reviews

Jan Fook (2002): Social Work: Critical Theory and Practice. London: Sage, pp. 179. PDF HTML
Catherine McDonald 150-152
Rick Henderson and Mike Pochin (2001): A Right Result? Advocacy, Justice and Empowerment. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 165. PDF HTML
Janet Read 153-155
Michael J. Fabricant and Robert Fisher (2002): Settlement Houses Under Siege: The Struggle to Sustain Community Organisations in New York City. New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 360 pages. PDF HTML
Norma Baldwin 156-158