Vol 8, No 1 (2010)

Boundaries of the Evidence Based Strategies

Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Special Issue: "Boundaries of the Evidence Based Strategies"

Going Beyond the Bounds of Possibility: Questioning the Delimitation of the Social in Social Work PDF HTML
Rudi Roose, Filip Coussée, Lieve Bradt 1-5
Re-Examining Relationships Between Experience, Knowledge, Ideas and Research: A Key Role for Recipients of State Welfare and Their Movements PDF HTML
Peter Beresford 6-21
Positioning Social Work in a Socially Sensitive Society PDF HTML
Hans van Ewijk 22-31
Historical Consciousness in Youth Work and Adult Education PDF HTML
Walter Lorenz, Filip Coussée, Griet Verschelden 32-45
Beyond the Pro and Contra of Evidence-Based Practice: Reflections on a Recurring Dilemma at the Core of Social Work PDF HTML
Urban Nothdurfter, Walter Lorenz 46-59
Children, Rights and Social Work: Rethinking Children’s Rights Education PDF HTML
Didier Reynaert, Maria Bouverne-De Bie, Stijn Vandevelde 60-69


The Increasing Importance of Administrative Practices in the Shaping of the Welfare State PDF HTML
Staffan Blomberg, Jan Petersson 70-81
People with Disabilities and the Role of Social Workers in Lesotho PDF HTML
Christopher Chitereka 82-93
Social Integration and New Realities in the Swedish Welfare Society PDF HTML
Norma Montesino 94-103
Beyond the Margins: Analyzing Social Exclusion with a Homeless Client Dataset PDF HTML
Javier Ramos Diaz, Albert Varela 104-120
The Philanthropy Scale: a Sociological Perspective in Measuring New Forms of Pro Social Behaviour PDF HTML
Theo Schuyt, Rene Bekkers, Jan Smit 121-135
Influential Social Workers: A Preliminary Exploration of Social Work Faculty PDF HTML
Geoffrey L. Greif, Harris Chaiklin, Stacy Timlin 136-147


The Paradox of Self-Determination for Marginalized Individuals PDF HTML
Denise M. Green 171-176

Research Notes - PhD Forum

Social Work and Society - PhD-Forum PDF HTML
Stefan Schnurr 147
Decision-Making and Ethical Dilemmas of Child and Family Social Workers PDF HTML
Teresa Bertotti 148-151
Reflexivity and Alienation in Transition: The Moral Regulation of Life Conduct in 'Competence agencies' PDF HTML
Jan Düker 152-156
Social Work Practice and Hegemony in the German School to Work Transition System PDF HTML
Mark Humme 157-164
Gender Violence and Crisis Centres for Women in Russia PDF HTML
Maija Jäppinen 165-167
From Charity to Welfare Rights? A Study of Social Care Practices PDF HTML
Thomas Maeseele 168-170


Transnationalism PDF HTML
Stefan Köngeter 177-181