Vol 12, No 2 (2014)

Creating Capabilities for Socially Vulnerable Youth in Europe

Table of Contents

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Special Issue: "Creating Capabilities for Socially Vulnerable Youth in Europe"

Editorial: Creating Capabilities for Socially Vulnerable Youth in Europe HTML PDF
Susanne Gottuck, Hans-Uwe Otto

Chapter 1: A capability response to educational reforms in times of economic dominance

The Shades of Employability: A Capability Study of VET Students' Freedoms and Oppressions in Spain HTML PDF
Aurora López Fogués
Why Am I Less Than the Others? A Biographical Study of First Generation Students’ Vulnerability in Portuguese Higher Education HTML PDF
Ana Sofia Ribeiro
The Long Shadow of Doctoral Candidate Status. Case Study - Poland HTML PDF
Krystian Szadkowski

Chapter 2: A capability perspective on Active Labour Market Policy measures and young people in transition

Going beyond Work-First and Human Capital approaches to employability: the added-value of the Capability Approach HTML PDF
Margherita Bussi
The Activating Role of Welfare Institutions and the Voices of the Youth in Transition from School to Work HTML PDF
Virva Leppänen
The Capability Approach and Sociological Conceptions of Human Agency: An Empirical Assessment on the Basis of an Analysis of Activation Policies HTML PDF
Stephan Dahmen

Chapter 3: Migration, aspirations and autonomy: Young migrant people in different educational settings in Europe

Towards a Migrant-Centred Perspective on International Migration: The Contribution of Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach HTML PDF
Sara Bonfanti
Becoming Actors of their Lives: A Relational Autonomy Approach to Employment and Education Choices of Refugee Young People in London, UK HTML PDF
D.E. Gateley
What is the Relation between School Failure, Youth Gangs and Capability Deprivation for Children of Migrants? The Case of Young People of Ecuadorian Origin in Spain HTML PDF
Maria Ron Balsera

Chapter 4: The Capability Approach and quantitative perspectives on young people in transition

Does Education Matter? The Value of Higher Education for Voice and Agency in Sweden HTML PDF
Annica Brännlund
A Capability Perspective on Employability of Higher Education Graduates in Bulgaria HTML PDF
Petya Ilieva-Trichkova
Developing and Testing Tools to Measure Youth Capabilities: Theoretical Rationales and Empirical Procedures within a Cross-National Pilot Survey Project HTML PDF
Vincenzo Mauro