Vol 7, No 2 (2009)

Landscapes of Education

Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Special Issue: "Landscapes of Education"

International Models of How to Combine Formal, Non-formal and Informal Education PDF HTML
Petra Bollweg, Hans-Uwe Otto 149-151
Capabilities in the Context of Education and Whole-Day Schooling: The Situation in Poland PDF HTML
Tomasz Szkudlarek, Maria Mendel 152-176
The Integration of Formal and Non-formal Education: The Dutch “brede school” PDF HTML
Manuela du Bois-Reymond 177-198
Efforts and Models of Education for Parents: the Danish Approach PDF HTML
Dorthe Brix, Niels Rosendal Jensen 199-218
The Implementation of Full-time Schools: The Situation in the Federal State of Sao Paulo (Brazil) PDF HTML
Rogério Adolfo de Moura 219-233


Sexuality and the ‘Relations of Ruling’: Using Institutional Ethnography to Research Lesbian and Gay Foster Care and Adoption PDF HTML
Stephen Hicks 234-245
The Challenges of Implementing Evidence Based Practice: Ethical Considerations in Practice, Education, Policy, and Research PDF HTML
Amanda Farley 246-259

Research Notes

Semiotic Analysis in the Study of Social Work PDF HTML
Terhi Laine, Erja Saurama 261-272
Implementing Swedish Models of Social Work in a Russian Context PDF HTML
Sven Trygged, Bodil Eriksson 273-284


Defending Democratic Youth Work PDF HTML
Tony Taylor 285-294
Mindful Social Work? PDF HTML
Raf Debaene 295-299

Historical Portraits

Walter Friedländer (1891- 1984) – Between Social Democracy and Social Darwinism PDF HTML
Joachim Wieler 300-312

Book Reviews

Book Review of “At Risk: Social Justice in Child Welfare and Other Human Services” by Karen J. Swift and Marilyn Callahan, 2009, Toronto: University of Toronto Press PDF HTML
Caitlin Janzen 313-317


Domestic Violence PDF HTML
Simon Lapierre 318-319