Vol 6, No 1 (2008)

De- and Reterritorialization of the Social - Supplement: Presidents of IASSW 1928-2008

Social Work & Society celebrates the 80th anniversary of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) with a SW&S-Special Supplement containing Portraits of all IASSW Presidents.

We are proud to honour all these leading figures of IASSW and their impressive commitment to and lasting achievements in international Social Work Education and Practice.

Our special thanks to Friedrich Seibel for editing this outstanding historical document, which is also available in a printed version.

July 20th 2008

Fabian Kessl & Hans-Uwe Otto, Co-Ordinating Office SW&S

This Supplement has also been published as a book
SEIBEL, Friedrich W. (Editor)
Global Leaders for Social Work Education:
The IASSW Presidents 1928-2008
Verlag ALBERT, Boscovice/CZ 2008
(ISBN 978-80-7326-133-7)

and is available as "print on demand" from the

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Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Special Issue: "De- and Reterritorialization of the Social"

De-Territorialization and Re-Territorialization of “the social”. A debate. PDF HTML
John Clarke, Fabian Kessl 1
Governing the Local: Sovereignty, Social Governance and Community Safety PDF HTML
Kevin Stenson 2-14
Governing the Local? A Response to Kevin Stenson PDF HTML
John Clarke 15-20
Comments on Kevin Stenson’s ‘Governing the Local: Sovereignty, Social Governance and Community Safety’ PDF HTML
Wendy Larner 21-25
Rationalities, Practices, and Resistance in Post-Welfarism. A Comment on Kevin Stenson PDF HTML
Fabian Kessl, Nadia Kutscher 26-35
A Critical Response to Kevin Stenson’s Governing the Local: Sovereignty, Social Governance and Community Safety PDF HTML
Robert P. Fairbanks 36-41
Beyond Kantianism - Response to Critiques PDF HTML
Kevin Stenson 42-46


Educational and Anthropological Perspectives: An Italian View on Migration in Multi-cultural Urban Spaces PDF HTML
Patrizia Panarello 47-55
Citizenship Education – Between Social Inequality and the Promises of Modernity PDF HTML
Hans Dorf 56-71

Research Notes

The Role of a Non-Governmental Organization in the Improvement of Employment in Finland: A Case Study PDF HTML
Thomas Babila Sama, Marja Outi Järvelä 72-87


Lower Benefits to the Refugees in Denmark: Missing Recognition? PDF HTML
Flora Gosh, Søren Juul 88-105

Book Reviews

Book Review of “Human Behaviour and the Social Environment: Models, Metaphors, and Maps for Applying Theoretical Perspectives to Practice”. 640 pages, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2007, by James A. Forte PDF HTML
Alireza Moula 106-107


Community PDF HTML
Florian Sichling 108-111

Supplement: Presidents of IASSW 1928-2008

Preface PDF HTML
Friedrich W. Seibel 112-114
Introduction: A brief journey through the 80 year history of the International Association of Schools of Social Work PDF HTML
Lynne M. Healy 115-127
Alice Salomon (Germany), President 1928/29-1946 PDF HTML
Carola Kuhlmann 128-141
René Sand (Belgium), President 1946 – 1953 PDF HTML
Kerstin Eilers 142-148
Jan Floris de Jongh (Netherlands), President 1954-1961 PDF HTML
Albert Riga 149-155
Dame Eileen Younghusband (United Kingdom), President 1961-1968 PDF HTML
Karen Lyons 156-167
Herman D. Stein (USA), President 1968 - 1976 PDF HTML
Katherine A. Kendall 168-176
Robin Huws Jones (United Kingdom), President 1976- 1980 PDF HTML
Katherine A. Kendall 177-186
Heinrich Schiller (Germany), President 1980 – 1988 PDF HTML
Joachim Wieler 187-198
Dr. Ralph Garber (Canada), President 1988 - 1996 PDF HTML
Richard Splane 199-204
Lena Dominelli (United Kingdom), President 1996 - 2004 PDF HTML
Marilyn Callahan 205-209
Prof. Abye Tasse (Ethiopia), President 2004-2008 PDF HTML
Karen Lyons 210-219
Katherine A. Kendall (USA), Honorary President since 1978 PDF HTML
Lynne M. Healy 220-233