Vol 5, No 1 (2007)


Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران


Enabling Access to Welfare Services - the Place of Social Solidarity and Dialogue PDF HTML
Rachana Patni 1-16
Neighbourhoods Mobilise the Troops - Community Organising, Violence and Governmentality PDF HTML
Sabine Stövesand 17-32
An Australian Perspective on Singaporean Welfare Policy PDF HTML
Philip Mendes 33-45
Social Work Students’ Use of Knowledge in Direct Practice – Reasons, Strategies and Effects PDF HTML
Björn Blom, Lennart Nygren, Cia Nyman, Carina Scheid 46-61
Theory and Practice: A Matter of Words. Language, Knowledge and Professional Community in Social Work PDF HTML
Silvia Fargion 62-77

Research Notes

Quality Management and Formalization in Social Service Organizations - A Survey on Home-Based Family Intervention Services PDF HTML
Christof Beckmann, Andreas Schaarschuch, Hans-Uwe Otto, Mark Schrödter 78-93


Servizi Sociali Territoriali e Università: Esempi di Sinergie Possibili per un Percorso di Qualità PDF HTML
Laura Bini 94-101

Historical Portraits

René Sand (1877-1953) and His Contribution to International Social Work, IASSW-President 1946 – 1953 PDF HTML
Kerstin Eilers 102-109

Book Reviews

Fukuyama at the Crossroads? - A Review Essay PDF HTML
Michael Peters 357-369
Narrative Confetti - Subjects, Truth and Ethics PDF HTML
Stephen Webb 370-378


Civil Society PDF HTML
Fabian Kessl 110-113