Vol 5, No 3 (2007)

Festschrift Walter Lorenz

Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران


Walter Lorenz - Mentor of a critical European Social Work PDF HTML
Günther Friesenhahn, Hans-Uwe Otto, Friedrich W. Seibel I-XXII

European Social Work

Changing ‘Multi-Problem Families’ – Developing a Multi-Contextual Systemic Approach PDF HTML
Eia Asen 1-10
Between Equity and Empathy: Social Professions and the New Accountability PDF HTML
Sarah Banks 11-22
The Current Discussion on Men and Masculinities PDF HTML
Lothar Böhnisch 23-34
Europeanization Process in Italian Social Work Education PDF HTML
Annamaria Campanini 35-45
Work in Progress: Social Work, the State and Europe PDF HTML
Karen Lyons 46-58
Towards the Transversalism of Social Pedagogy PDF HTML
Ewa Marynowicz-Hetka 59-68

European Social Policy

The Social Economy of the Community - A developmental task for social policy PDF HTML
Susanne Elsen 69-87
Traditions, Utopias, Deconstruction – Concepts of the Social State in the Eastern Bloc (1945-1990) PDF HTML
Sabine Hering 88-99
Social Work in an Ethnically Diverse Europe: The Shifting Challenges of Difference PDF HTML
Charles Husband 100-114
Citizenship and Mental Health Policy in Europe PDF HTML
Pauline Prior 115-124
The Diverse Impacts of the Neo-liberal Social Policies on Children’s Welfare and Social Work with Young People: The Finnish Perspective PDF HTML
Mirja Satka 125-135

Anti-racist Social Work

Dalle sfide interculturali, al “romanzo”, al progetto socio educativo integrato PDF HTML
Anna Aluffi Pentini 136-150
Il razzismo della prosperità nell’Europa contemporanea - Riflessioni a margine del pensiero antirazzista di Walter Lorenz PDF HTML
Velleda Bolognari 151-163
Social Work, Political Violence and Historical Change: Reflections from Northern Ireland PDF HTML
Jim Campbell 164-172
The Postmodern ‘Turn’ in Social Work: The Challenges of Identity and Equality PDF HTML
Lena Dominelli 173-186
Walter Lorenz – Companion and Point of Orientation in Intercultural Social Work PDF HTML
Dimiter Martin Hoffmann 187-195

Civil Society and European Integration

Linguistic-Political Subsidiarity: a Look at South-Tyrol PDF HTML
Hans Drumbl 196-200
Education for active citizenship PDF HTML
Luigi Guerra 201-209
Education and practice belong together - The relevance of practice orientation in the (University) education of Social Workers and Social Pedagogues PDF HTML
Reinhard Gunsch, Karl Tragust 210-220
Promises of the Civil Society PDF HTML
Franz Hamburger, Eva Stauf, Felicia Lauer 221-241
Social Services, School and the Climate of Civil Society PDF HTML
Stephan Sting 242-250


Walter Lorenz - Social Work - Central and Eastern European Countries PDF HTML
Oldřich Chytil 251-255